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Temperature & Humidity Transmitter SHT20 Sensor Module High Precision Monitoring Modbus Rtu Protocol RS485 Output Signal

SHT20 Temperature Humidity Sensor Module High Precision Monitor Transmitter RS485 Modbus Protocol

Free shippping 16 Channel Digital IO WiFi Relay Module support Modbus smart home relay switch

ITCP-4055 Modbus TCP Ethernet IO module digital input and output conversion RJ45 acquisition card DI/DO network

Industrial Grade Umts RTU for Energy Monitor & Flow Meter AIN+Temperature Modbus Remote IO

OPA627 Module Precision Amplifier High Speed Resistance Dual Cascade Performance Op Amp

E850-DTU(4440-GPRS) GRPS Modem ModBus RTU TCP 12 Channel Network IO Controller RS485 Interface

ACS758 Module DC Current Sense 0-50A Hall Sensor High Precision 0.1A

Easythreed Mercury Module DIY Metal Frame High Precision hobby 3d printer precision portable

Customized high precision Single-axis cantilever robot ball screw motorized module linear actuator

DZ-002 Weighing sensor weighing module Modbus RTU protocol 485 transmitter

K-type thermocouple module RS485 MAX6675 temperature sensor acquisition MODBUS communication function demo board

Laser dust sensor module, PM2.5 acquisition air quality detector, MODBUS, RS485

Noise decibels sensor module noise probe Modbus AS11-T I2C RS485/TTL AS11-X

MP3 module / serial voice port MP3/485/232/IO MP3/ infrared sensor player

SM1000B RS485 industrial temperature acquisition module MODBUS protocol

180KHZ Sensor transceiver integrated high frequency and precision ultrasonic ranging sensor module

E90-DTU-433C37 Half Duplex High Speed Continuous Transmission Modbus RS232 RS485 433mhz 5W IOT uhf Wireless Transceiver Module

2Pc/Lot CDEBYTE E61-TTL-50 433MHz Modbus 1000m Wireless Transceiver rf Module UART Data Receiver Wifi Antenna

RS485 noise sensor transmitter module Modbus RS232 4-20mA 0-5V meter

MODBUS-RTU 4 way relay module STM8S103 MCU two development RS485 communication TTL

5 way RS485 digital relay output module MODBUS RTU collector IPAM-2505

Free shipping Intelligent Home Furnishing 8 16A relay lighting switch actuator light controller system module Modbus

High precision pulse square wave signal delay circuit module ps level program control multi-channel synchronization

13.56MHz remote reader /ISO15693 high power read and write module group RFID

ADS1256 Module 24-bit ADC AD High Precision Acquisition Data Card Analog to Digital Converter

Aht10 High Precision Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor Measurement Module I2C Communication Replace Dht11 Sht20 Am2302

INA226 High precision voltage DC current module power battery monitoring detection motor stall demo board

High-precision laser pm2.5 sensor PM2.5 detection module dust particle concentration air quality computer

High precision ultrasonic sensor module UC4000-30-I-1 can replace Bonner

MS5611-01BA03 ultra high precision +USB-I2C adapter for air pressure, altitude and module

PM Sensor SDS011 High Precision PM2.5 Air Quality Detection Module Super Dust Sensors Digital Output

FREE SHIPPING ADS1256 High precision ADC data acquisition of 24 bit ADC8 AD module

AD605_VGA Dual Channel Voltage Control Adjustable Gain Amplifier Module Low Noise High Precision 5V Single Supply

High precision delay signal generator module (RS232 command control, connected to a computer or microcontroller.

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